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Recommended by the medical profession

Health Benefits

Adjustable beds have proved an absolute must to sufferers of many different types of medical conditions and are in fact regularly recommended by the medical profession.

How can a bed help your health?

Years of research and development has brought about the Oakdale adjustable bed range. They can adjust to your every need giving you the utmost in comfort and relief at the touch of a button! Raise your head to watch TV, lift your feet, relax in comfort and enjoy restful sleep, the choice is yours.

We make each bed specifically to suit your particular needs to provide the height of luxury and blissful pain relief for sufferers of:

• Arthritic and rheumatic pain

• Back pain  • Poor circulation

• Asthma  • Insomnia  • Hiatus hernia

• Stress  • Oedema  • Cramps  • Gout

Bespoke Adjustable Beds

At Oakdale Beds we can design and build your dream bed to your perfect specification.

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Premium Mattresses

An Oakdale Visco Elastic memory foam mattress promotes a peaceful night’s sleep by supporting the body and keeping the spine aligned.

Luxurious Headboards

We have a range luxuriously upholstered headboards available in a wide variety of colours to either match or contrast with your bed.

Health Benefits

Over time, lack of sleep can have a debilitating effect on your physical and psychological health. Find out how an Oakdale bed could help.