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Premium Adjustable Beds

Our Beds

We have an extensive range of stylish and extremely comfortable beds that are fully adjustable and can come with optional built in massage.

The Home of Luxury Beds

Our philosophy is to produce the finest quality products from the finest British materials and to this end over 90% of our beds are not just made in the UK but also made from British components. Our commitment to producing the highest quality and providing the best service has made us the leading manufacturer and retailer in luxury adjustable beds in both the UK and Ireland.

Beau Weathered

The Beau Weathered, with its exquisite handcrafted detail, takes a master craftsman to achieve the stripped back natural wood effect you see.


The Oxford’s classic design is characterized by its sweeping curves and stately headboard, inviting an air of sophistication into your space.


An elegant British styled bed dating back to the 15th century the Tiana is a masterpiece of timeless British design.

Venetian Spire

The Venetian Spire is a four poster luxury bed evoking the romance of Venice with exquisite intricate hand carving.


The Cambridge is not just a bed; it’s a statement of understated luxury. The natural beauty of the solid Mindi wood is celebrated in every line and curve, creating a sturdy frame that promises longevity and resilience.


The Eider  Deluxe Adjustable Bedstead is a statement of refined elegance. Wrapped in a luxurious taupe upholstery, this bedstead brings a warm, neutral palette that complements any bedroom decor.


Elevate your bedroom’s ambiance with the Aylesbury Deluxe, a bedstead designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life.


With its majestic wingback headboard, lavishly adorned with diamond tufting and encased in a sumptuous silver velvet fabric, this bedstead is designed to be the crown jewel of your bedroom collection.


The Oakdale Premier is a solid and stable bed combining a practical base with comfort and style. This beautiful but simply designed bed is available in traditional fabrics and a choice of headboard styles.


This stunning design which features a shallow base sitting on four chrome legs and a luxurious headboard as standard is a wonderful addition to any bedroom setting.

Bespoke Adjustable Beds

At Oakdale Beds we can design and build your dream bed to your perfect specification.

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Premium Mattresses

An Oakdale Visco Elastic memory foam mattress promotes a peaceful night’s sleep by supporting the body and keeping the spine aligned.

Luxurious Headboards

We have a range luxuriously upholstered headboards available in a wide variety of colours to either match or contrast with your bed.

Health Benefits

Over time, lack of sleep can have a debilitating effect on your physical and psychological health. Find out how an Oakdale bed could help.